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Touring Around Queens, NY


Queens is the largest of the five boroughs in New York City, located on the eastern side of the city. Many recognize Queens to be the most ethnically diverse place in the world, composed of various unique neighborhoods. It makes a great tourist destination considering all the mouthwatering cuisine they have to offer, from the Greek cuisine from Astoria to the authentic Asian food from Flushing. There are also many beautiful parks and museums featured in Queens. If art and nature isn’t for you, you could also visit Rockaway Beach. Here are a few tourist destinations that will make your day.


Museum of the Moving Image


You have to visit the Museum of Moving Image if you are a fan of motion pictures or pop culture. This media museum, located in Astoria, reopened recently after the pandemic. It features interactive exhibits that present the history of movies and televisions. You can find “costumes like Freddy Krueget’s striped shirt and artifacts like the Yoda puppet” (Sunkara). You can explore the Jim Henson Exhibition and see the fun muppets. You can also watch exclusive screenings at the Sumner M. Redstone Theater which features conversations with celebrity guests.


Socrates Sculpture Park


The Socrates Sculpture Park, also in Astoria, was created by American sculptor Mark di Suvero. He made use of a five-acre abandoned landfill and changed it into an outdoor museum that features sculptures. The museum has a great view of the East River and the Manhattan skyline for photo opportunities. It is the only outdoor space to exhibit art within New York City. It showcases large-scale art pieces created by famous artists that date back to 1986. There are also sculptures that are built within the museum.


Flushing Meadows Corona Park


The Flushing Meadows Corona Park is a great destination to visit for photos. There are large open spaces, a zoo, and many recreational activities that you can do there. There is also a carousel, freshwater fishing, an indoor ice-skating rink, and a marina. Not only will you be able to explore a beautiful park that was once the site of the 1964 World’s Fair, you can also visit the Queens Wildlife Conservation center. It is the largest park in Queens that features attractions such as the Queens Botanical Garden, New York Hall of Science, Queens Museum, Queens Theater, and Citi Field.


Queens Botanical Garden


The Queens Botanical Garden is a 39-acre oasis that comprises 25 wondrous gardens. It was created as part of the New York World’s Fair in 1939, known as the “Gardens of Parade” exhibit, and was expanded to take up the largest portion of the Flushing Meadows Park. It was later relocated alongside Kissena Creek during the construction of the 1964 World’s Fair.

There are so many beautiful gardens within the Queens Botanical Garden. On a nice day, you could enjoy the Oak Allee, the perennial garden, the arboretum, the herb garden, the bee garden, the rose garden, the ornamental grass garden, and so much more. You can experience the essence of the flowers and shrubs with your sense of smell in the Fragrance Garden. There is also the Wedding Garden that contains a white picket fence and a lovely gazebo. It is a glamorous setting for engagement and wedding photos.


New York Hall of Science


The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) is a science museum built for the World’s Fair in 1964. After many renovations, this family-friendly museum can be fun for both kids and adults. It is the only hands-on science and technology museum that features biology, chemistry, and physics. There are over 450 interactive exhibits, workshops, and programs within the 100,000 square feet of indoor space. At this location, you can make your own experience at the Design Lab. You can learn about the evolution of Earth. They even have a theater within the museum that shows 3D movies of nature or animals. This is a fun and educational museum to bring your kids to.


Rockaway Beach


One of the most popular beaches of New York City is Rockaway Beach. Located on the Rockaway Peninsula on the South Shore of Long Island, you will find the largest urban beach in the United States. This beach has a stretch of six miles long of sand. It is the only legal surfing beach in New York City. If you dislike surfing, playing with the sand, or swimming by the sea, there are also many playgrounds and outdoor activities that children and adults can enjoy. There is also a sunken ship at Pier Five that you can scuba dive and explore. After all the fun activities, you can stroll by the boardwalk and eat a taco from their popular food stand, Tacoway Beach or try other delicious foods you can find.

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