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The Weekly What's Open NYC Newspaper Guide Podcast keeps you informed and up-to-date on all things NYC. There is a new story unfolding, one of the continued resiliency of New York City. One the way to its greatest comeback, it will be the greatest story ever told. Join the conversation, share your story, celebrate the new chapter of the city that sits at the center of world, N.Y.C! 



Changes to mask and vaccine mandates in NYC, Interviews with Nicole Benjamin of Iris House, Maulana Randell CEO of REEAPA, LLC, and Mona Bode of MoBo Photos


Museums of NYC, New York Fashion Week, and happenings across NYC

Podcast Episode 2/3/22


Introducing Co-Host Adrianna Pattillo, NYC Restaurant Week and other happenings across NYC

Podcast Episode 1/27/22


Introducing the WON Podcast, Dr. Martin Luther King Weekend and other happenings across NYC

Podcast Episode 1/13/22
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