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Best Places to Bring Children in NYC

New York City’s beauty lies in its architecture, nature, and exciting nightlife but that may not be exciting for children. Children don’t enjoy walking for long periods of time and would rather be distracted by something that peaks their interests. Well, in order to appetize your children, this is a list of the 10 best spots to take children in NYC.

Rockefeller Center

Depending on the season you're coming to New York to visit, this location is perfect for any family that travels with children. At the center of Rockefeller center in the winter, there is an ice-skating rink for family fun. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to skate, there are always the training penguins to help you and your child skate around the ice.

Lego Store

Well, if your child doesn’t want to ice-skate, you can always take him to the giant Lego store in Rockefeller center that is a paradise for any child. With life-size Lego cars inside, children can create their dreams in their store and take pictures behind the wheel of the massive Lego car or buy themselves a set.

Pier 5 or Pier 4

Depending on the sport your child likes to play be it soccer or basketball, these beautiful fields and courts alongside the water in Brooklyn is an experience to behold. Packed with people in a beautiful location in Dumbo, there are trendy eats such as olive-oil ice cream or a classic brick oven pizzeria that is sure to encapsulate a beautiful experience.


Right next to Pier 5 is a free canoe service where you can ride canoes with your child alongside the brisk NY waters.

Chelsea Piers

Similar to Pier 5, this sports complex is mainly for children wanting to get their energy out. Completed with a pool, ice skating rink, and a bowling alley, a family can enjoy their time here for a great day of family fun.

Bryant Park

Like Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park also has an ice-skating rink in the winter, but it is always hosting small shops throughout the year. An eventful place to take your child to enjoy some good eats and a good time.


A beautiful museum hosting the homes of former exciting space and aircrafts on top of a real battleship. Having personally gone there before as a child, I still remain fond of my time there.

Roosevelt Island Tram

Viewing the New York City skyline and streets from a bird’s eye view has been made possible thanks to the Tram. Traveling in a small cable car, you can tour Manhattan through the sky and take exciting pictures of your family.

Central Park

The historic Central Park stretching through midtown Manhattan is perfectly designed for children. Surrounded by beautiful nature and activities, you can sit on the grass- ride a bike- or get on the horse carousel. You cannot miss Central Park if you are visiting NYC.

Dylan's Candy Shop

The last thing we want is a child sugar rush where they become overly hyper but this iconic candy shop is a candy paradise for any kid. It is bold and a dreamland for any kid with a sweet tooth, which quite frankly is all of them.

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