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Top Things you Must Know When Touring NYC


New York City, also known as “the city that never sleeps,” has one of the busiest and crowded streets. It is the largest city in New York, filled with diversity and creativity. Tourists may be attracted to the city because of its cultural and expressive aspects. There are many different people that you can meet and different cultures that you can experience all in one city. However, the city has its downsides, being humid, dirty, and loud. Here are some tips on what you should know when visiting New York City.


Keep Walking; Don’t Stop in the Middle of the Sidewalk


The number one rule that I cannot stress enough is for you to never stop abruptly in the middle of the streets when you are touring the city. You may be trying to experience the city in its full glory, but the streets are filled with people trying to get to different places as fast as they can. The last thing the pedestrians want is to be held up because a tourist stopped in front of them to either take pictures or look on the phone to check for directions. If you want to take a photo, do it quickly or do so at a place that is less crowded. If you need to check for directions on your phone, make sure to stop by a side of the sidewalk so that you are not in the direct path of the non-stop pedestrians. One could describe the sidewalks like a highway and the people would be cars. You do not want to stop your car in the middle of a busy highway or else it would cause a catastrophic crash and ruin everyone’s day including your touring experience.


Riding the Subway as Transportation


Although the subway can be humid and smelly, it is also an inexpensive way to travel around the city. You cannot have the full New Yorker experience without riding the subway at least once. To do so, you need to buy a metrocard from one of the machines or ask the people in the booths for help. A ride on the subway wherever in the city only costs $2.75, unless you choose to buy an unlimited monthly or weekly card. You will want to follow directions from google maps and download a subway app that will let you know more information about the trains. When you get on, make sure you let the people get off the train first, it’s courtesy. You shouldn’t blast music on speakers and be mindful to take as little space when standing and sitting, especially if it is crowded. No one wants you to be in their personal space. Pay attention to the stop of your destination and get ready to get off the train to signal others that you need to get off.


Various Methods of Transportation


The subway is not the only mode of transportation that can bring you around the city. You may rent a bike from the rows of blue bicycles around the city. Using the Citi Bike app, you are able to rent a bike, prices will vary per option, and dock it at any bicycle station. Using your metrocard, you can also ride a bus. There are different types of buses that you should take note of. Standard Buses cost $2.75 when you first get on and swipe your card. These buses’ routes stay within the borough. Select buses, shown with the SBS icon, run on more busy streets and require you to pay $2.72 at a stop before you board the bus. Express buses travel longer distances between the boroughs, marked by capital letters to show which boroughs. It costs $6.50 to board and does not accept payment from any unlimited metrocards.


Speaking to Strangers and Asking for Directions


As a tourist, you are bound to feel a little lost.When that happens, don’t be shy to speak up and politely ask for help from native New Yorkers. Don’t be discouraged if someone ignores you, most people will be glad to help point you towards the right direction. Otherwise, strangers may not be as welcoming if you are trying to strike a conversation with them. They might even think you are crazy if you walk up and speak to them out of nowhere.


Visiting Times Square is Not Worth it


If you are tempted to visit Times Square, I wouldn’t recommend it. The streets there are the most crowded in the city and filled with flashy billboards. Besides Broadway shows and tourist stores, there is not much to offer there. You can find so much more elsewhere in other parts of the city.

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