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The New York International Auto Show


The New York International Auto Show usually happens annually in Manhattan, NY around late March or early April. It is an auto show or a car show that publicly exhibits concept cars and automobile models. It was previously put on pause along with many other events during the pandemic. On June 2, 2021, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo “announced that the 2021 Reimagined New York International Auto Show will return to the Jacob K. Javits Convention center from Friday, August 20 to Sunday, August 29, 2021. This is another step taken toward the end of the coronavirus pandemic, but the auto show will implement safety precautions.


The annual New York International Auto Show was the first North American automotive exhibition. The first show took place in 1900 at Madison Square Garden. There were approximately 160 complete vehicles featured on display. A total of 69 exhibitors attended the event. The vehicles’ price ranged from $280 to up to $4,000. The show was inspired by the “world’s oldest automotive exhibition: the 1898 Paris Auto Show” (Braithwaite-Smith). From 1956 to 1987, the show was held at the New York Coliseum. “For more than 100 years, through depression, war, boom-time, oil crisis, recession and growth, it has continued its pioneering tradition of bringing new and innovative ideas to a national and world stage. In the last decade the auto show has boosted the number of new vehicle announcements, broken attendance figures and increased media attention” (Anton Media Staff).


At the beginning of June, Governor Cuomo revealed that the New York International Auto Show will be happening this year. By June 30th, people can start ordering the tickets to “North America’s first and largest auto show.” It will feature a full floor of electric vehicles and “will be made available at pre-pandemic attendance levels.” According to Governor Cuomo, “The annual New York International Auto Show is not just one [of] our most beloved summer traditions, it is a great economic engine for our state.” Due to the pandemic, the event was cancelled. New York is striving to bring back the event.


The show is being “prepared in accordance with the State’s COVID-19 health guidance. As public health conditions and the guidance is improving dramatically, the Auto Show and Javits Center will adapt and adhere to applicable policies and protocols as necessary.” New York is working hard and planning the necessary safety precautions in order to hold this event. They are hoping for a “safe and successful return of the 121st New York International Auto Show in August.” This event is a step toward restarting our economy and is important for buyers to view and experience.


“We are excited to welcome back auto enthusiasts and industry professionals for this year’s show with full, pre-pandemic attendance levels and a new exhibit focused on electric vehicles with five indoor tracks where attendees can go for a test drive,” said Governor Cuomo. The Auto Show will be occupying at least 1 million square feet of exhibit space at the Javits Center. There will be multiple floors of cars on display from automakers all around the world. It will showcase the newest vehicle models and the latest advanced technology. It is said that the returning event will feature nearly 1,000 cars and trucks. It will present “the latest automotive trends, showcasing an incredible collection of cutting-edge design and extraordinary innovation.”


Not only will this event play an important role in “supporting one of New York State’s top green energy priorities by focusing on electric vehicles,” the show will also benefit our economy. In the past, the auto show has generated $300 million to the local and State economies. It is proven to be the most influential marketing event for the automobile industry. “72 percent of consumers who attend the show identify themselves as 12-month intenders and 85 percent of those intenders say attending this event helps them in their purchasing decision.” This event is very significant as it “supports 72,000 jobs at local retail new car and truck dealerships whose economic imprint exceeds $53 billion a year/”

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