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Reopening of Movie Theaters


Ever since the spread of covid-19, many businesses have shut down temporarily as people were advised to quarantine at home. Movie theaters are one of the businesses to have suffered financially due to the pandemic. After a year of trying to maintain the spread of the virus, administer the vaccine to the public, and reopen businesses to the public, movie theaters have been reopening and welcoming customers in the past few months. Many are skeptical whether or not the public will return to viewing movies within theaters after the pandemic. Here are the movie theaters that are reopening and the box office results.


Many theaters have reopened and implemented various safety protocols proposed by the Centers for Disease Control. Face coverings are recommended as well as mandated depending on state and local guidelines. If mandated, masks can only be removed when eating and drinking while seated within the auditorium. Social distancing is advised for unvaccinated people. There are reduced auditorium capacities as many seats are to be left empty in between guests to ensure safe social distancing between people. Employees are expected to wear masks and undergo regular health screenings.


List of Movie Theaters Open in NYC:

  • Angelika Film Center

  • AMC

  • Regal Cinema

  • IFC Center

  • Nitehawk Cinema

  • Quad Cinema

  • Alamo Drafthouse

  • Film at Lincoln Center

  • Film Forum

  • BAM

  • Museum of the Moving Image


The results from the box office in the past months of 2021 since movie theaters have decided to reopen are considerably low compared to the domestic box office of movies from 2018 and 2019, before the pandemic hit. In 2018, 38 movies were released in theaters with an estimate of at least 100 million made from the domestic box office. In 2019, there was an estimate of 30 movies released in theaters that made at least 100 million in the domestic box office. Ever since theaters have reopened in 2021, many movies have nowhere near the same success as before quarantine. A Quiet Place Part II, released on May 28, takes the lead as the first movie to have passed the 100 million mark in the box office, grossing around 150 million. Followed by F9: The Fast Saga, released on June 25, estimated gross is around 141 million. The year of 2021 is not over yet, but it does not seem like the cinema industry will make as much money from the box office compared to previous years. In 2018, the highest grossing movie from the box office is Black Panther, released February 16, with a total of 700 million. In 2019, Avengers: Endgame, released on April 26, made cinema history and was the highest grossing of the year by making a total of 838 million. It is questionable whether the audience will continue to view movies within theaters similar to the past or stream the movies at the comfort of their home as they have done in the past year or so. It is also unknown how cinemas will progress from now on since recovering from the pandemic. However, they are taking necessary safety measures for the guests and the employees within the theaters.

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