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Brooklyn Is Becoming The New Manhattan?


The city of Brooklyn, New York (formerly known as Kings County), has a long and illustrious past. For those who have never visited Manhattan, the borough may appear to be an alien land (and, oh, it is vast). Brooklyn would be the third-most populous city in the country if it were its own city, as it formerly was. The neighborhood, however, is well worth exploring because it is home to renowned New York attractions such as Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Prospect Park, as well as some of the best New York pizzas. Brooklyn is known for its hipster and indie vibes, so finding a live band at any bar, cafe, open area, or even garage is easy (if you get invited). If you're not sure where to go, simply ask folks on the street where you can hear decent live music. As you can see, it appears that everyone in Brooklyn is either in a band or knows someone who is. If that doesn't work, the Music Hall of Williamsburg is arguably the greatest venue to see some of the big names in the "cool before everyone knew who they were" music scene. Another good option for live music is Zebulon Cafe, which offers a wide range of genres, and Bargemusic, which offers a comfortable and intimate living room-like atmosphere. Although everyone is familiar with Central Park, did you realize that it has a sibling park in Brooklyn? Prospect Park, a world-class green space, was developed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same man who designed Central Park, but in a wilder, forest-like setting. If you thought Central Park gave you a sense of being in the middle of nature, wait till you see Prospect Park's 237 hectares. You'll feel as if you're hundreds of miles away from the city, in the heart of a peaceful forest. Nonetheless, there are various scenic picnic places (such as Long Meadow and Nethermead), boating on the lake, a zoo, a music tower, and even a Quaker cemetery to visit. Did you know that when the Brooklyn Bridge first opened in 1883, it was dubbed the "eighth wonder of the world" because of its massive span? Also, did you know that the mayor had to arrange for an elephant herd to cross it to persuade the public that it was safe? This bridge is a municipal landmark and one of the most outstanding engineering feats of the nineteenth century. To get a close look at this amazing edifice and the East River, cross the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan or vice versa. The Grandfather of American Theme Parks is Coney Island. It had lost its amusement grandeur for decades, but in recent years, the park has constructed new rides in order to draw more visitors to the area. Riding the classic roller coaster known as the Cyclone is a must-do while you're here. This wooden roller coaster has been thrilling and spinning riders of all ages since 1927. You may assume that an old and shady-looking roller coaster like the Cyclone wouldn't stand a chance against modern coasters, but you'd be wrong! One of the reasons the Cyclone is on the National Register of Historic Places is that every rider still gets a rush from its dramatic and rickety twists and turns. Red Hook is one of Brooklyn's many excellent neighborhoods, named after the red clay it was formerly constructed of in the 1600s, as well as its peninsula-shaped hook that juts out into the water. Its riverfront location provides inhabitants with possibly the best vantage point for viewing the Statue of Liberty in the distance. Although it is not the most popular neighborhood in Brooklyn, it is unquestionably one of the greatest. It has a different atmosphere than some of the more popular areas; it's a little quieter and relaxed, with a slower pace, and so feels like a tiny beachfront village. The majority of tourists who fall in love with New York City fall in love with Manhattan. And it's a shame because New York is made up of five boroughs, four of which may be forgotten because Manhattan is the most opulent and flamboyant. Brooklyn, though, maybe the most unique of all the boroughs, including Manhattan. The truth is that those who live in Brooklyn believe they are in the finest borough by far. Brooklyn is often viewed as Manhattan's younger, less accomplished sibling by the outside world, but those who live there believe they are in the best borough by far. And they have every reason to believe it. Brooklyn is a fantastic destination to visit as well as live.

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