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Bronx Zoo


The Bronx Zoo is located in the Bronx, New York. When the zoo opened on November 8, 1899, it showcased 843 animals over the course of 22 exhibits. It is one of the largest wildlife conservation parks in the United States by area as it consists of 265 acres of parklands and naturalistic habitats. Currently, the zoo has over 6,000 animals which are more than 700 species. According to the official website of the Bronx Zoo, “we are able to connect over 4 million visitors a year to impactful messaging on science, nature, and conservation. Across these facilities, we care for more than 17,000 mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.” The zoo allows city dwellers to dive in and explore the natural world located at the heart of the Bronx.


The Bronx Zoo is a great place to bring your children to the many attractions and wonders they can explore at a young age. For example, the children’s zoo is ideal for children. You can walk around with your child and go up close to some smaller species. The children’s zoo contains animals like a giant anteater, prairie dogs, a sloth, and alpacas. There is a farmyard where one can pet the sheep, goats, and donkeys (Leighton). Children are also able to feed some of these animals too.


Not only does the zoo offer many exhibits of wondrous animals, but there is also an adorable bug carousel that people of all ages can enjoy. The carousel has seats shaped like insects and it makes for a fun little ride. The list of insects includes a long-legged praying mantis, a bright green grasshopper, and even a dung beetle. The carousel is located in the middle of the park and is a great place to stop by after walking around and visiting exhibits.


In case you are cautious to go outside ever since the pandemic, the Bronx Zoo offers a Virtual Zoo that anyone can take a look at. It includes live cameras of various habitats containing different animals. These live streams show habitats like the Madagascar spiny forest, the jungle world with ebony langurs, and the sea bird aviary featuring penguins. People can book a private virtual tour with the Bronx Zoo staff and watch the animals on their official website.


Unfortunately, some of the animals have been affected by the pandemic as well. Natasha Daly wrote an article on National Geographic about several big cats that reside in the Bronx Zoo testing positive for coronavirus. As of April 22nd, 2020, five tigers and three lions were confirmed to be positive with coronavirus. According to Paul Calle, chief veterinarian for the Bronx Zoo, “the big cats likely contracted the coronavirus from an infected but asymptomatic zookeeper whose identity is unknown” (Daly). The zoo was closed off to the public on March 16th of last year. At least the zoo is being revived and includes a virtual option as well now. Be sure to support the animals and the zoo.

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