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The Via App

By Sebastian Jimenez, Reporter

It seems that everything in our daily lives is slowly transitioning to a digital format. Payments can be made with a single click on a phone; paying for car parking can be done through an app; Apple Pay renders wallets redundant; transportation and delivery apps have even made physical movement unnecessary. From Uber to Lyft, these transportation apps are making the traditional yellow cab in NYC appear out of place. To counter this trend, the new Via app allows customers to digitally book a yellow cab.

Gone are the days of hailing a cab by raising your arm in the streets. You won't experience the classic NYC moment you've always dreamed of. This shift towards a digital format is just another way companies are expanding their reach.

Via's technology ensures the most efficient route for passenger rides and helps customers save up to 40% on regular fares. Via sets itself apart from Uber or Lyft's sharing technologies by offering quick service and the option of multi-passenger sharing. By inputting your location into the app, it locates nearby taxis and notifies them of your whereabouts. If sharing a ride doesn't bother you, it can be a more cost-efficient method.

The digital booking process is quick and simple, but personally, I dislike how everything is being confined to a phone. It certainly makes things easier for paying bills or completing work, but digital apps like DoorDash, Uber, and Via are making people increasingly reliant on them and, consequently, lazier. While some rely on Uber or Via for convenient mobility, and there's nothing wrong with occasionally ordering from DoorDash, constantly depending on these apps may foster bad habits, as even waving for a cab is no longer necessary.

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