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Organize Me

by Julie Worthington

Janine Sarna-Jones has learned that to be a professional organizer, it takes more than the job title says. It also means creating a bond with the customers that sometimes lasts a lifetime. Organize Me, a business that does three main things. They organize messy homes and offices, help people with moving, and assist with estates after the death of a loved one.


Little Shop of Crafts Cries out "Create Me!"

by Julie Worthington

Little Shop of Crafts, a DIY arts store on the Upper West Side, has gradually grown into a huge community business. And it continues to grow. It's location, at 711 Amsterdam, draws in crowds both young and old, including newbies and veterans, said manager Joy Burgos.

kitand letters.jpg

A cookbook store on the UES- harness your inner Martha Stewart!

by Julie Worthington

Matt Sartwell, managing partner of Kitchen Arts and Letters, Inc. (KAAL) has had a long history with food in NYC. From restaurants to kitchens to other culinary endeavors, he has now found success as a managing partner at the 38-year-old KAAL on the Upper East Side.


Affordable Interior Design - Mi Casa Su Casa

by Julie Worthington

Affordable Interior Design (AID) is ready to have you welcome them into your home. And stranger or no stranger, they aim to be your best friend as they seek to redecorate and remodel your home.  AID is the brainchild of owner Betsy Helmuth. She began decorating as a child, using it as a hobby for family and friends.


A Cooking School With Personality: Home Cooking New York

by Julie Worthington

If you are looking for recreational cooking classes at a reasonable rate, look no further. Home Cooking New York has just what the doctor ordered. For a hundred bucks, a curious person can come to this school at 158 Grand Street in Soho to learn abou Korean or Persian cooking, knife skills or seafood.  


Finding Peace and Love With a Friend Whose an Absolute Doll

by Julie Worthington

Need something to hold onto since leaving the cold, dark days of the pandemic? Try a doll from American Girl Place in NYC! At a place that has been visited by over 20,000,000 people since 2003, it's a location that leaves people coming here to use their imagination in an almost magical sense.

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