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Cell Phone Service in Subway Tunnels 

By Sebastian Jimenez, Reporter

There are several projects underway to improve our city and the latest is one most commuters will be happy with: cell phone service in underground tunnels. The MTA has put forth a 10-year plan that will allow riders to more seamlessly utilize their cell phone while riding the subway in tunnels. As it stands, your phone loses its ability to surf the internet while commuting between stations. Currently, the only train that can access cell phone service is the L train between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Adding cell phone service on more popular lines like the red, orange, or blue lines will benefit all riders.
Presently in each train station, there is free Wi-Fi access thanks to the Transit Wireless company. They will be funding the $600 million project for the MTA. Transit Wireless will profit from this project by collecting money from data collection and rider analytics while riders use the cell service in between stations.
The MTA’s relationship with Transit Wireless stretches back to 2007 as they constantly improve the subway stations with emergency help points and Wi-Fi. The successful partnership will continue to thrive with this latest project. 
MTA chief Fredericka Cuenca promises cell service to be fully installed by 2032 in periodic batches throughout the city. Cuenca’s dedication to improving the commute was reaffirmed at a committee meeting—“It’s a great opportunity to make our customers’ trips better. People today want to be able to send emails or texts or look at their news feed or do whatever throughout their entire trip and not have their connection phase in and out as they’re going through the tunnels from one station to another.”
By 2032, the burden on the commute will slightly be eased and improvements towards the underground subway commute will all work in unison for a superior riding experience.

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