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Finding Peace and Love With a Friend Whose an Absolute Doll

By Julie Worthington, Reporter

Need something to hold onto since leaving the cold, dark days of the pandemic? Try a doll from American Girl Place in NYC!
Visited by over 20,000,000 people since 2003, it's a location that leads people to use their imagination in an almost magical sense.
The dolls sold here come from all walks of life. Two of the latest editions, Julie and Courtney, come from the 70's and 80's, respectively. Julie lives in San Francisco, and has the trolley car and VW Bug to prove it. Courtney comes from Orange Valley, CA. Courtney plays Pac-Man and listens to her Walkman.
The dolls actually go back in time as far as 1854.  Some other examples are Kirsten, who lives during the pioneer days in Minnesota. Samantha is an orphan doll who lived in NYC during the 1900s. 
Each doll has books that house adventures for a girl that will make them laugh and cry. They also have merchandise like doll houses, cool clothes, and stuffed animal friends.
Another highlight is a SmartGirls Guide series in their bookshop area. This is for people of all ages. It includes self-help books covering topics like money, relationships, liking yourself for who you are, putting an end to racism, and cooking.
Susan Jevens, Associate Manager of AG Public Relations, said the dolls are meant to be played with and enjoyed.
"They're high quality and designed to withstand years of imaginative play," Jevens added.

The dolls are not only collected by girls, but also the young at heart.
"We do have older fans that still enjoy and collect our dolls; and recently, our millennial and zillennial fans have been having a great time coming back to our stores to rekindle their love for all things AG," Jevens said.
Girls who are lucky enough to have a doll can take them to the beauty salon in AG where they can each get their hair done, have a mini-manicure or get their ears pierced.
For the girl doll owners, there is also a doll hospital on the premises.
"Girls can talk to a specially-trained doll doctor who can schedule appointments, complete a doll diagnostic questionnaire and offer wellness advice," Jevens said.
" They offer x-rays, eye charts, and dental chairs to ensure their dolls are healthy from head to toe," Jevens added.
AGP has 3 flagship stores in the U.S., in NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles. There are also smaller locations in cities like Miami and Dallas.
When asked to describe AGP, Jevens said, "A few (words) that come to mind are welcoming, inspiring, engaging, fun, unforgettable, and memory-making."
American Girl Place is open in NYC every day from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. They are located at 75 Rockefeller Plaza off of 5th Avenue, near Rockefeller Center.
To make a reservation at The American Girl Cafe, go online to their website. Parties, both public and private, can be booked here.

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